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Blue invests in small and medium sized
exceptional companies

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We are Blue

Blue Equity invests in small and medium-sized exceptional Danish companies with revenue in the range of DKK 50 – 250m. Focus is on B2B companies that will benefit from the global mega-trends.

In close cooperation with management, Blue provides network, knowledge and capital in order to create value during the ownership period . Return on investment is generated by making good companies better.

We establish partnerships with the management teams and owners to secure the mutual development of well functioning companies.





Typical ownership


Taking the next step together

Denmark is a small country with great potential found everywhere. With those who are not necessarily the greatest, but who can actually become so. With those who do not look like they will change the world, but actually do. Our most important task is to create value by helping such companies reach their full potential. Whether it is production facilities, refined components, advanced services or something entirely different, we believe in partnerships that will help Danish businesses grow.

When we say partnership, we mean it. We will not teach anyone how to run their business. However, we will provide our toolbox to their disposal – with network, knowledge and capital. But something actually matters more than professionalism and experience; the people behind. We firmly believe in investing in people rather than in companies.

Having said that, our down to earth values ​​do not imply we are saints. We are and will be a private equity fund that focuses on good business opportunities. But we also know that great collaboration creates most value, and that we make good companies better by providing the best framework for the right people. It’s all about balance. There is no manual for that, but with responsibility as a compass for everything from business to people and the environment, we find the right path.

Blue Equity was born with the ambition of providing the right framework for Danish companies in order for them to fulfill their potential, and the goal is still the same. Denmark might well be a small country, but we invest in those who will make a difference today and tomorrow.