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We are Blue

Blue is a leading investor for partnership investments in Danish SMEs.

In close cooperation with management, Blue Equity provides network, knowledge and capital in order to create value during the ownership period . Return on investment is generated by making good companies better.

We establish partnerships with the management teams and owners to secure the mutual development of well functioning companies.

We are flexible in regards to ownership structure and are willing to assume minority ownership positions. The companies must be mature, well-functioning and have potential.

Investment focus

Blue invests in small and medium-sized exceptional Danish companies with revenue in the range of DKK 50 – 250m. Focus is on B2B companies that will benefit from the global mega-trends. In our evaluation of companies, we emphasize the following elements:

Strong management

Industry-knowledgeable management

B2B nicher

Active in narrow niches requiring special competencies

Quality products

Focus on high quality products and services

Business acumen

Companies based on solid, grounded business acumen

Danish DNA

Companies springing from Danish culture, values and structure


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility


Blue Equity was founded in 2013. The investors include Norlys, PFAs, Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation (Danfoss), Lind Invest, the management team of Blue and a few other investors.

Blue Equity Management A/S is the management company for SE Blue Equity I K/S (committed capital of DKK 625m) and Blue Equity II K/S (committed capital of DKK 707m), both of which are fully invested, as well as Blue Equity III K/S (committed capital of DKK 750m), which is currently being invested.

The committed capital is from Danish investors. There is an even distribution between pension funds, industrial investors and funds.

Sustainable growth

Through targeted policies and behaviour we believe that Blue can:

Contribute to making the world a slightly better place through targeted initiatives in companies in regards to environment, sustainability, circularity, working conditions, societal behaviour (e.g. tax) etc.

Contribute to increasing welfare and cohesion in the Danish society by ensuring the right foundations for small Danish companies to develop and exploit their potential.

We promise that our partnerships will improve their footprint and impact during our ownership period.


Blue is aware of the social responsibility that rests on us, and in close collaboration with our stakeholders we secure openness about our business.

Blue acts responsibly and with respect for national and international guidelines. As part of this, Blue Equity follows DVCA's guidelines for responsible ownership and corporate governance in private equity funds.

Blue Equity Management A/S, SE Blue Equity I K/S, Blue Equity II K/S and Blue Equity III K/S are registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.


Please find information about Blue Equity, such as Annual Reports from our funds and management company, and guidelines from Active Owners (DVCA)